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The Background: I have been an active photographer since the early 1970s. In the beginning years I primarily shot and processed B & W 35mm film. For the last 40 years I have used photography  to document the work of my company Doopoco Enterprises Fine Custom Cabinetry.

Photography for me is and has been an opportunity to experience and capture a bit of magic that unfailingly seems to present itself to me every time I pick up my camera. It's a reminder for me what a gift it is to be a witness and participant in the artistry that unfolds around me everyday.

My primary focus and photographic passion is for landscapes. I love being in nature, and seeking out compositions is the excuse that gets me to return again to nature as often as possible. The quiet solitude and the feeling of peace that being in nature helps facilitate is what I strive to share through my photographs. Currently I use a Fujifilm GFX 50s medium format camera and a Chamonix 4 x 5 large format film camera for my landscape work. When shooting motion sports, I use a Canon 1DX mark ii.

I am a print maker and for me the creative process continues while I work my images through post processing to bring them alive on print media. For me, until I hold a print in my hands that inspires the feeling I had while capturing the image, the photograph is not yet complete. Photographic prints are a thing of beauty and I am happy to own and display several prints from photographers that I admire.

I enjoy Motorsports and surf photography as well.

I enjoy capturing the moment as a surfer is ripping a cut-back throwing up a curtain of spray on the canvas of the blue sky or catching the last rays of the sun through the face of a wave. Just being at the beach breathing in the sea breezes while watching surfers create their art is a true pleasure.

I enjoy speed and drive a race car with friends on local tracks. I enjoy the focus that is required to squeeze another tenth off my time around a track. I'm a fan of F1 and IMSA racing and attend races when I can always taking my camera to enjoy freezing 200 MPH into a frame full of motion and intensity.

I thrive on creativity and the challenge of learning whether designing high-end cabinetry for our clients or feeling inspired to frame and capture  a fast-moving race car, a surfer shredding a wave, a raptor in flight or a peaceful landscape in nature. Inmotionstills is an expression of some of that creativity. Thank you for visiting and I hope that you enjoy.